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ECOWALL's Unique Application

Quest ensures that the system’s best practices are executed on installation a variety of different building designs and site conditions.

Hiding the Slab

ECOWALL does not use a slab-cover.  The ‘Bypass’ area of the window is integral to the frame above.  This feature hides the slab behind a spandrel or metal panel area of the window.

ECOWALL steps and allows for installation in front of the concrete-slab edge.  The window-wall panel is engineered to bear its weight on the slab on the inner half of the frame, while the outer half of the frame is free to bypass the slab and provide for a continuous vertical aesthetic.

There is only 1 horizontal joint per floor, with a very long path to resist water infiltration. For more read the Bypass Window Guide PDF


Installs from Inside


ECOWALL is built in module sizes to fit being lifted through a materials hoist.  The window-wall modules are distributed to their locations on the floor and lifted into place.

The glass in the ECOWALL system is installed from the interior.  Any breakage during construction or the life of the project can be easily deglazed and replaced without the cost of an outside swing-stage.