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Quest Update (USA)

Plant status for:

Monday 8/2/2021 – OPEN


OT schedules posted outside breakrooms by department for your daily/weekly work schedule. Please ensure you are discussing with your manager and reading the posted OT schedule


Glass – Orange
Glazing/Shipping/QC – White
Prep/Fabrication/Panel – Blue
Materials – Green
Maintenance – Black
Assembly – Red
Yellow vest associates assigned to those departments will be working.

All managers and required essential staff will be on site.

If you show up to work without contacting Human Resource and providing proper documentation, you will not be paid for the time on site.

All associates on site must be diligent and abide by all CDC requirements and all Quest USA policies and procedures.

If you are feeling sick please stay home, let Human Resources know immediately, and contact your healthcare provider. Do not contact your direct manager, lead or other associates of your condition.  Call the call out line and/or Human Resource only.  Human Resource will call you back, gather information and provide direction if any.

1-888-851-8588 ext; 555

Not Required:

Those associates who have not tested and returned results, are quarantined or have not been approved through Human Resource.

We continue to be confident that the policies, procedures and enforcement protocols we have put in place during the pandemic. We will continue to add safety and hygiene practices to the factory as we move forward as new items and new data become available. Our EH&S team and our management team will continue to enforce any and all policies and procedures regarding the pandemic.

COVID Update:

Many of us are now scheduled to receive one of the COVID-19 vaccines.  Under FFCRA, you might be eligible to get paid for the time used to obtain immunization or recover form adverse health impacts arising from immunization.

In the event you receive your COVID vaccination, please inform Human Resource of this.  As requested, the Yes, No data will be used to make decisions moving forward at the Quest USA facility. Human Resources will let you know if you are eligible for pay under FFCRA.

As Governor Greg Abbott announced on March 3rd, Wednesday march 10th the state of Texas ended its government mask mandate and opening Texas to 100%.  As it is strongly encouraged to continue to wear masks, starting Monday June 7th, Quest USA will discontinue the use of masks and gloves inside the facility, on the factory floor and in common areas.  Masks will be available for those that wish to continue to wear them during the work day.  Those positions that EH&S has deemed unable to socially distance properly may be forced to wear mandatory masks or face shields.  Those associates that choose not to follow social distancing established rules will change from optional to required masking.

COVID cases in the Dallas Fort Worth area and Texas continue to decline.  This does not mean we will stop all factory procedures at this time and we ask that you keep focus on your activities outside of the work place.  Please do your best to follow CDC recommendations, avoid large crowds, wear appropriate PPE when outside the home and when required social distance.  Our Quest facility is only as good as the associates in it and we need everyone here when scheduled to meet our goals.  Everyone needs to do their part outside of work to match the work that continues to be done day in and day out by Quest.

As a reminder; Quest has implemented a comprehensive series of safety measures to ensure a safe environment for Associates to work.  These include:

  • Approved access only
  • Mandatory Temperature Screening prior to entry
  • Optional Face Coverings while on site in common areas (as of 6/7/20201)
  • A comprehensive  Workplace Compartmentalization Strategy
  • COVID-19 Specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Restroom changes including automatic faucets, soap dispensers and foot pulls to avoid handles.
  • Lunchroom Changes
  • Hand washing stations and sanitizing stations added throughout the factory
  • Enhanced Cleaning & Disinfecting Protocols (daily, weekly, monthly) including additional janitorial services
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting upon notification of any associate requiring to test.  This includes all areas in our comprehensive compartmentalization strategy.

We ask that each associate please continue to practice social distancing and good hygiene (cover cough/sneeze, wash hands thoroughly and often, and stay home if sick) at work and outside of work.

We will continue to add safety and hygiene practices to the factory this week and moving forward as new items and new data become available.  We will continue to enforce the distancing rules and compartmentalization to an even greater extent.

Please speak with Human Resource or a member of management if you have any questions.

If you are feeling sick please stay home, let Human Resources know immediately, and contact your healthcare provider.

Do not contact your manager.  Contact Human Resource through the call out line on the back of your key card and/or contact a representative of Human Resource directly.

1-888-851-8588 ext; 555

Monitor your health for symptoms of fever, cough, or shortness of breath or any of the current symptoms listed on the CDC website.

Always practice these workplace strategies at home and follow all CDC guidelines or local municipalities rules outside of the workplace.